Our new billing policy on weekends

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Hi team,
Sadly to keep our doors open over the weekend we need to change our billing policy. This means from this weekend everyone will be billed with a rough out of pocket fee of $45.
This ill include both face to face consultations and teleconsults.
We understand this can be a challenge for many however it’s the only way we can provide healthcare on weekends.
Rest assured we will still have our bulk billing patients through Monday to Friday so we can still accommodate when we can.
Two men hugging illustration to show the new billing policy of Elite Medical Clinic during weekends

This is a summary of our billings during the weekdays and weekends;

Consult Fees

Monday To Saturday ( til 1 pm)


Saturday (after 1 pm)& Sunday, Public holidays


*Bulk Billing 

  • Monday -Friday:

Pension Concession Card holders, Health Care Card holders, DVA & children 16 and under, returning sick child review (same problem), normal results, scripts only, care plans, Health Assessments, TCAs, ATSIC, would review/dressing (if patient has own dressing) PATS forms/extension of medical certificate, Immunisations (only).

  • Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays:

All patients will be billed privately.

You can learn more about other billing policies here.

Stay safe 


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