Work-Related Injury

Provide prompt, efficient and quality medical care to employees with work related injury

We understand how stressful is once you get injured physically or mentally at work. 

At Elite Medical Centre we got experienced GPs and Occupational Physician specialists to address your work related injuries from day 1 till we make sure that you are ready to go back on your normal duties.

The services we provide include:

  • Medical examination once the injury happened.
  • Work cover capacity assessment
  • Return To Work Certification
  • Wounds Management
  • Minor Surgeries and Fracture Management
  • Counselling regards to work related stress, anxiety or interpersonal relationship issues
  • Soft Tissue Injury Rehabilitation
  • Case Conferences
  • Work site inspection

Our occupational team at Elite Medical Centre will make sure that you and your family are looked after in the best way by work insurances and employers.

Please call us on 5911 7014 to get more details of how it works.

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