National Immunisation Program

Immunisations not only protect your child/ yourself, but also others in the community by reducing the spread of diseases.

The National Immunisation Program (NIP) Schedule, sometimes referred to as NIP immunisation, is a series of immunisations given at specific times throughout your life. The immunisations range from birth through to adulthood.

All vaccines listed in the NIP Immunisation Schedule are free. Eligibility for free vaccines under the NIP is linked to eligibility for Medicare benefits.

To get the best possible protection, make sure you have your immunisations on time, every time. The NIP Schedule below shows which vaccines you should get and when.

National Immunisation Program schedule for all people

This schedule card provides recommended vaccines and schedule points under the National Immunisation Program from 1 July 2020.

More information about the NIP Immunisation Schedule

Access to free NIP vaccines requires a person to hold or be eligible for a Medicare card.

The program offers free essential vaccines to eligible people, including:
● infants and children
● adolescents
● pregnant women
● adults and seniors
● First Nation’s people
● people with certain medical conditions that put them at greater risk of certain

The aim of the NIP Immunisation Schedule is to ensure all members of the community have access to immunisations.

You can find more information about NIP Immunisation Schedule eligibility criteria here.

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