Mixed Billing

Our practice is a Mixed Billing clinic.

We offer Medicare Bulk Billing to patients with a current pension concession card, HealthCare card, DVA card and children under 16 years of age Monday -Friday.

Please note that all patients will be billed privately on the weekends.

As a mixed billing general practice, our aim is to provide you with the very best care and service. We would like you to feel that you are not being rushed, that our doctors are attentive and that they explain things clearly.

Our fees are structured to reflect the time you spend with the doctor as well as the number and complexity of matters discussed during your consultation.

Regardless of the length of GP consults, the out-of-pocket costs will remain almost the same.

If you are receiving an extra service in the treatment room, there may be additional costs.

Payment for the consultation is expected on the day. We can submit your paid account online to Medicare for claiming and refund. 

Consult Fees

Monday To Saturday (1 pm)


Saturday (after 1 pm)& Sunday, Public holidays


*Bulk Billing 

  • Monday -Friday:

Pension Concession Card holders, Health Care Card holders, DVA & children 16 and under, returning sick child review (same problem), normal results, scripts only, care plans, Health Assessments, TCAs, ATSIC, would review/dressing (if patient has own dressing) PATS forms/extension of medical certificate, Immunisations (only) / desensitization. 

Some of our Drs bill these above groups privately too. Please kindly check with our administration team before your consultation for less confusion.

  • Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays:

All patients will be billed privately.

Repeat Prescriptions:

We encourage all patients to make an appointment for repeat prescriptions. In cases where this is not possible, a fee will be charged for the prescription.

The standard fee is $21 and is required to be paid before pick up of the prescription.
Repeat prescriptions will not be issued for drugs of dependence such as narcotics, benzodiazepines and other sedatives. Examples include:

  • Panadeine Forte, Endone, Oxycodone, Targin, MS Contin
  • Diazepam/Valium, Oxazepam/Serepax, Temazepam, Stilnox.


Requests for referrals to specialists without a consultation attract a fee of $21.

New Patients:

New patients will be required to confirm their appointment before their consultation. They might be needed to pay up front for their first consultation before seeing the doctor. This payment will be processed over the phone or face to face before confirming the appointment.


In instances where a procedure is performed such as when having a dressing change or having a skin cancer lesion removed, there will be an additional facility fee in addition to the consultation fee. This is to cover the cost of equipment used during the procedure. Your doctor or the reception staff can inform you if you need any further explanation.

Home Visits:

If a patient is unable to be seen at the clinic, a home visit may be possible. An additional out of pocket cost will be attached to this to cover the doctors travel time. It’s usually about $150 – $200 out of pock fee for it.

Please call us and our admins will advise you how to organise a home visit.

Medical reports:

Drivers licence medicals and medical reports do not attract a patient Medicare rebate. The fee for these consultations will be from $150. Please call our admins to give you further information.

Cancellation fees:

If an appointment is cancelled less than 3 hours before the appointment or the appointment is missed, there will be a cancellation fee charged of $50 for a standard appointment and $80 for a new patient / long appointment before a new appointment can be booked.

Skin Cancer Clinic

Skin Check (1-2 Spots)15 minutes$80.00$40.20
Full body Skin Check / Mole Mapping30 minutes$150$76.20

Cosmetic Clinic

Anti-wrinke treatment  option 1$12 (per u)
Anti-wrinke treatment  option 2$4 (per u)
Derma pen face (per session)$300
Lips, Cheeks and Jawline (Dermal Fillers)$450 – $800
Thread lift from $2000
Laser treatment (Fotona)from $300 per session
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)from $2000
Double chin treatment (per treatment)$1200 – $1800
Under Arms / Hands Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)$800 

*The above price list is subject to change from time to time. Some of the prices might vary; depends on which product is used. You can ask your Doctor about the options and differences.  


Dietitian consultations are privately billed in our clinic, however you may be eligible for Medicare or private health insurance rebates.
INITIAL60 minutes$120$66.20
REVIEW30 minutes$80$26.20
*Medicare benefit of $53.80 which requires the patient to have a Chronic Disease Management Plan with TCA / GPMP in place. If you have private health insurance with extras cover you may also be eligible for a rebate. Please note that you will not be able to claim under both Medicare and private health insurance for the same consultation.

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