Weight Management Clinic

A dietician plan for sleep, nutrition and fitness to manage weight through healthy lifestyle choices at weight management clinic in Mornington

Support your journey to achieve the healthy lifestyle with weight management

We provide the following services in our clinic:

  • Weight and body mass assessment
  • Personalised dietary recommendations and plans
  • Lifestyle programs
  • Weight loss (or weight gain) medications
  • Access to allied health professionals (dietitian, psychologist, diabetes educator, etc). Bulk
    billing sessions available under a care plan
  • Access to endocrinologist (Dr Amin Sharifi)
  • Consultation and referral to bariatric surgery (Dr Mani Nizai

Weight and body mass assessment

Your initial consultation will include a thorough examination by Dr Ash Nazari of your current medical needs and any underlying causes of your weight gain.

This assessment will allows him to administer a management plan that will be most medically appropriate and effective for you.

Doctor doing a weight and body mass assessment of a patient to provide suitable weight management plan

Dietry recommendation

We will support you based on your goals and preferences. If you’re vegeterian or vegan, or if you have any food intolernace (Lactose intolernace, Gluten hypersensitivity, Fructose intolerance, Coeliac etc.) we will consider it in your personalised regime.

Dr Ash also will offer you special diet plans such as Ketogenic Diet, Low carb diet based on current popular program like DASH, Mediterranean or Intermittent fasting.

A white diary with dietary recommendations to support weight loss through Keto, gluten-free or vegan options at weight management clinic

Life style programs

Dr Nazari also will provide you the most successful plans to optimise your nutrition intake and physical activities for loosing and controlling your weight better.

There are a lot of points regarding emotional eating, bad habits, how to manage the crave etc. which will be discussed in your sessions. 

Lifestyle programs by Elite Medical Centre can optimise nutrition intake for losing weight quicker through group fitness session

Weight loss medications

Sometimes weight loss medications can provide excellent results for people who are trying to lose weight.

These medications can boost weight loss along with a special diet and regular exercise. In Australia, there are four weight loss medications available.

Dr Nazari will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each group of these medicines. You also would need to meet the indications such as your BMI, being on other medications and considering the interactions etc.

A bunch of multi coloured weight loss medications for losing weight in weight management clinic

Bariatric Services

If you have had a long term battle with obesity and can’t challenge your weight gain, Bariatric Surgery might be considered. Specially if you have some other weight related conditions such as type II Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Fatty liver disease etc.

We have a trusted team of specialists (Endocrinologist and Bariatric Surgeon) who can do your proper assessment and discuss this option more in details with you.

Bariatric surgeon with a model of stomach showing bariatric surgery can solve the issue of obesity

Telehealth appointment

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and other difficulties  face-to-face consultation is not always doable. We offer convenient tele-health appointments via phone and video call.

You can call us to book your initial consultation with Dr Ash Nazari.

Doctor conducting a weight loss management telehealth session with a patient in Mornington

Holistic approach is recommended for management of ideal body weight.

What is the ideal weight?

The ideal weight is determined by age, gender, ethnicity, height and physiological status. 

It is more useful to use a variable called body mass index (which is comparable for ethnic group, age and gender, and is corrected for height).

Body mass index (or BMI): = Weight (kilograms) / Height in power of two (in metres)

The ideal body mass index for Australian population is between 18.5 and 25.

What causes weight gain?

You gain weight if the calorie intake exceeds the energy expenditure. In other word, when the energyin is more than energy-out, you put on weight over time. It sounds so simple, but in real life, the causes
of weight gain are far more complex than what is mentioned above. Weight gain is affected by the
many factors including:

  • Genetic factors
  • Physiological factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Psychological factors

Why is it difficult to lose weight?

As mentioned above, gaining weight is multifactorial and happens over time. Usually a long term plan is needed to address all aspects of weight gain including physiological, environmental and psychological aspects. Dietary choices, behavioural changes, physical activity, and weight loss medications work hand in hand to help you lose weight. Sticking to one factor and forgetting about the other ones, usually leads to a failure.

Therefore, you need the help from experts to manage to optimise your body weight.

Other services:

Apart from management of obesity, we provide services to the patient’s with the following conditions:

  • Chronic or Specific nutritional deficiency
  • Anorexia nervosa/ bulimia nervosa
  • Chronic kidney impairment and nutrition
  • Chronic liver disease and nutrition
  • Chronic heart failure and nutrition
  • Clinical Sports nutrition/ Elite Athlete nutrition
  • Pregnancy and post-partum nutrition
  • Nutrition in infancy and childhood

Make a 30 min booking with Dr Ash for the initial consultation and planning. Further sessions will be organised after the initial assessment. You can call us on 5911 7014 or book online.

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