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All relevant news items published about our wrinkle filler treatments at our Cosmetic Clinic.

For further information about this cosmetic service, including its use in treating scars, such as acne and biopsy scars, or rejuvenation of youthful appearance, visit our ‘Wrinkle Fillers‘ service page.

Other cosmetic procedures that we provide patients include:

Wrinkle Reduction
Severe sweating, including excessive underarm sweating treatment
Non-surgical lip enhancements and fillers
Reduce double-chin
Eyelid Surgery
Thread Lifts

All you need to know about wrinkle fillers

All you need to know about wrinkle fillers If you are looking to enhance your looks with a completely natural substance that achieves a visible, long-lasting aesthetic result then there are several products available.  Due to TGA regulations, the names of this substance cannot be advertised. These wrinkle fillers (as they are collectively called) are able

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8 reasons why wrinkle reduction treatments are popular?

8 reasons why wrinkle reduction treatment is popular? Wrinkle reduction treatments are one of the most popular treatments sought out by patients. It is quick, medically safe and effective, delivering visible results for the patients. Due to TGA regulations we are not allowed the naming of medicines, however we can inform you that two preparations

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