We are all at risk of Malignant Melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.


The left skin lesion belonged to an 18 y/o patient of us, who came for a different medical reason and was found by one of our skin cancer doctors. it took him 30 min to convince his mum for a biopsy! and guess what? It was level II Melanoma! The middle photo and the right one were 2 benign but scary looking lesions.

At Elite Medical Centre we provide a personalised service for the prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancers.

We incorporate modern technology and highly trained practitioners to ensure you receive the best care possible. Book your skin check now

 Our difference

Our skin cancer specialists are highly skilled in Dermascopy using professional cameras in our skin cancer detection program.

A GP referral is not required to see our Skin cancer doctor. Urgent cases will be always offered an early appointment. Please call our friendly staff on (03) 5911 7014.

Our Specialists are college-accredited skin caner doctors. For your safety and assurance, check the “Locate-a- Doctor”.

We are happy to review Lesions that others have recommended for removal.

Our skin cancer clinic accepts new patients with minimal waiting time and doesn’t need a referral letter from your GP.  Our skin cancer doctors are consulting 7 days a week to make their service available for patients who  are busy during the working days. So, no more excuses for neglected skin lesions!

On the day of Skin check

You will be given a questionnaire to complete prior to your appointment, this will take around 10 minutes to complete, so please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.Your skin should be free of any foundation, make up

products over the area of interest for skin check. You will need to remove clothing down to your underwear.

Our Specialist will use a Dermatoscope to have a close up/magnified look at any spots of concern. A dermatoscope is a bit like torch with a magnifying glass attached to the end. Using a dermatoscope is painless. Sometimes the doctor may take a photograph of a spot or mole so it can be monitored over time for any changes in appearance.


Doctor will tell you straight away if you have any mole or spots which require testing. To test the mole or spot he will either take a small biopsy (sample) of it, or completely excise (cut out) the spot of concern – under local/general anaesthetic of course.

In most cases another appointment will be made to remove the abnormal mole or spot. This type of minor surgery can be carried out at Elite Medical Centre.

After it is removed, the mole or spot is sent to a pathology laboratory for testing. Receiving the test results can take from one to several days, depending on the pathology provider.

After skin check

In most cases, when found early, skin cancer can be easily and successfully treated with surgery. Most skin cancers are cured once they are removed. Other non-surgical treatments such as cream, radiotherapy or light therapy may be used but this will depend on the type of skin cancer found.

Depending on your level of risk for developing skin cancer, your doctor may recommend regular follow up skin checks. The frequency for follow up skin checks can vary from every few months, to once every year or two.

We have a system in place to send you a skin check reminder, but it is also a good idea to keep your own record of when a follow up skin check is due.

To get more info about our skin cancer doctors, click here.