Cosmetic Clinic

At Elite Medical Centre, there are lots of medical grade aesthetic treatments available on a competitive and affordable price including: 


Anti-wrinke treatment (per unit) option 1$12
Anti-wrinke treatment (per unit) option 2$4
Derma pen face (per session)$300
Lips (Dermal Fillers)$450 – $550
Cheeks  (Dermal Fillers)$600 – $650
Jawline (Dermal Fillers)$800
Dermal Fillers (per ml)$250 – $600
Double chin treatment (per treatment)$1250
Under Arms / Hands Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)$800

The above price list is subject to change from time to time.

Some of the prices might vary; depends on which product is used.

You can ask your Doctor about the options and differences. 

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