General Practice

As well as traditional GP services our clinic also provides a comprehensive range of medical and nursing services:

  • Women’s health, 

Including breast screening, Cervical Screening Test (CST), Family planning, Infertility care, Menopausal management, Contraception, Mental HealthDomestic Violence.

  • Men’s health,

Including Prostate Screening, Skin Check, Infertility management.

  • paediatrics,

Including 6 weeks examination, 4 year old health check, Bed wetting management, Behavioural problems, social skills and Diet management.

  • childhood immunisation,

Including government funded and important private (non funded) vaccines, Immunisation catch up.

  • geriatrics,

+ 75 year old Health assessment including all Immunisation, memory and mental health check, annual blood tests. Bone Mineral Densitometry

  • skin cancer checks,

Our accredited skin cancer doctors provide a thorough skin check, mole mapping and a wide variety of skin cancer treatments (surgical and non-surgical). To get more information about Elite Skin Cancer Clinic, click here.

  • adolescent health,

Including Anxiety and Depression counselling, Puberty health, Contraception advice, STD screening and education.

  • pathology,

We have a got an onsite pathology (Dorevich, Melbourne and Clinical labs).

  • travel vaccinations,

Click here.

  • occupational health checks and,

  • chronic disease management.

Elite Medical Centre has a distinct role utilising our nurses and GPs and is focussed on improving chronic medical problems. Our patients can access Medicare initiatives for subsidised allied health assistance.