When we funded our first skin cancer clinic in Horsham more than a decade ago, we never thought that one day the technology becomes such an amazing game changer!

Nowadays we can keep an eye on the smallest suspected skin lesions and trace them easily.

The below case is just one of many skin spots were detected at early stage before they make a disaster!

She is one of our regular patients in her mid 50’s with history of Malignant Melanoma. the above tiny little spot was found suspicious on her lower leg in March 2020.

It was only 2 mm and looked absolutely innocent with the naked eye looking.

We planned to monitor it. She was asked to come back in 6 months time for the review.

Below you can see her Dermascopic photos of March 2020 and Oct 2020. It won’t need my skin cancer expertise to realize that was going funny, will it?

We planned her surgical removal the day after and guess what? She was lucky enough to cure it at very early stage!

Take home message;

  • Please do your annual skin check.
  • Make sure you book your follow up appointment regularly.
  • Please go to the qualified skin cancer doctors for the skin check

You can call us on 5911 7014 or book online here.

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