Now that I am writing this post, use of cannabis is still illegal in our region and we don’t know if one day soon it becomes legal and available like alcohol and cigarettes.

My approach will be absolutely non judgemental.

How does cannabis affect the mental health?

Cannabis contains a chemical called THC, which moves from the bloodstream into the brain. THC is a hallucinogen, meaning that it changes the way that you see reality.

How do you feel on cannabis?

Some users will have immediate sense of happy (euphoria) and relaxed. They might become more talkative or laugh a lot, some experience more hunger and crave to eat foods.

Some of the not-so-good effects can include:

  • Nausea
  • Memory problem
  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • feeling angry, irritable or restless
  • Paranoia
  • Low sexual performance
  • Low motivation
  • Depression
  • Poor coordination which affects activities like walking or driving.
  • Psychosis (having hallucination and become delusional)

What are the benefits of stopping cannabis?

There are plenty of benefits you are likely to notice if you cut out cannabis, like:

  • better concentration
  • improved mood
  • increased motivation
  • more energy
  • better sleep patterns (after a few weeks).

You might notice some of these benefits straight away, while others might take a bit longer.

Generally the longer you go without using the easier it gets.


Withdrawals usually last around a week, although problems with sleep may last longer.

  • cravings
  • Gastro symptoms
  • poor appetite
  • sleeping difficulties
  • sometimes feeling angry, irritable or restless.

This is where your close friends, partner or a professional like your GP or Psychologist can help to manage this period easier. We doctors can prescribe you a short term medicine to deal with the adverse effects easier along with the other strategies you use.

Tips for staying safe

Now I’m not going to encourage you to try cannabis! If you’re going to use cannabis, there will always be the risk of things not going great.

You can reduce some of these risks by:

  • just using a bit at a time and waiting to see what it feels like
  • not mixing it with alcohol and other drugs. Things can get out of control quickly
  • not driving or doing anything that requires coordination after you’ve used cannabis. (It is illegal to drive while on drugs)
  • only using cannabis with people you trust. Have someone in your group who is not using cannabis keep an eye out for you. Remember to keep an eye on your friends, too
  • having cannabis free days. Avoid it if you have school, uni or work the next day
  • calling an ambulance if things get bad – they are there to keep you safe, not to get you in trouble.

How can you get help?

If your cannabis use is starting to affect your mental health, wellbeing, or your relationship it can be a good idea to get help. You can talk to someone about your options and look at different ways of cutting down or stopping your use.

To learn more about the mental health affects of cannabis you can go to:

You can use this lockdown as a positive game changer! We are ready to give you a hand! 

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