Travel Vaccine

Christmas and travel season is getting closer!

Let us help you figure out what vaccinations you need for your travels. It’s important to have the right vaccinations and health advice before you travel.

Your safety and health are essential, especially if you want to enjoy your trip to the most. This is why you need to get the right advice – based on your medical history, duration and season of travel.

We keep most private vaccines available at Elite Medical Centre to save your time from going to pharmacy! 

Most vaccines need to be given at least 2-4 weeks prior to your departure, therefore it would be a good idea to make your consultation with one of our doctors to know your immunisation plan.

When you are travelling overseas for business or leisure you’ll want to make sure you stay fit and healthy. Our expert doctors will ensure you are properly prepared for your next trip.

Our expert Doctors will help to protect you and your loved ones so that you can stay healthy whilst travelling away from Aussie land on holidays or for work. We can help ensure you get the correct vaccinations and advice to help prevent avoidable illness.

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