What is family violence?

Family violence:

  • is defined as any violent, threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour that occurs in families or intimate relationships
  • includes any abuse or violence occurring within a family e.g. between siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, in-laws and elders
  • can happen to anyone regardless of gender, profession, social background, culture, religion or sexuality
  • includes not just physical injury but also emotional, sexual, economic and social abuse.

What does family violence look like?

A person may experience family violence in many forms, such as being:

• threatened with harm to them or to their children, pets or other loved ones
• threatened with suicide or self-harm if they leave the relationship
• harassed at work or through telephone/email
• forced to have sexual activity
• cut off from family, friends or community
• restricted from accessing money and meeting essential needs.

Are you being hurt by someone who is supposed to care about you? Did you experience abuse as a child?

Advice from people who have been there

Abuse doesn’t get better if you don’t do anything; it just keeps getting worse. You have to be your own friend. You have to have compassion for yourself.

Don’t punish yourself – I never thought I’d be in an abusive relationship but I WAS.

Once the “sorrys” don’t mean anything more than just as a way of keeping you right where he/she wants you, then it’s time to leave.

Dr Sheetal Vig got lots of experience and qualifications to deal with different types of Domestic Violence.

You can call us on 5911 7014 or book online.

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